USA Guam Scuba Diving Experience (no diving certificate requirements)

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Fisheye Park is the most popular diving spot in Guam! Ordering a diving program does not require swimming or a diving certificate. Passengers can also flexibly choose to purchase a jet ski package. The professional coach will take you to view the beauty of the underwater world of Guam.

  • Access Chinese/English/Japanese coaching services, and communicate with zero obstacles
  • Each coach guides up to four trainees, providing the most complete care for each diver
  • Flexible selection of jet ski, accompanied by professional instructors


-Important Info-

[Diving Experience]
・Meeting Time: 8:00am/1:00pm (refer to the voucher for the actual meeting time)
・Meeting Point: hotels in Guam
・Duration: 3 hours (30 minutes of diving)
・Return Info: 11:00am/4:00pm, return to the hotel (the actual time is subject to the traffic conditions on the day)

[Diving Experience + Jet Ski]
・Meeting Time:: 8:00am (refer to the voucher for the actual meeting time)
・Meeting Point: hotels in Guam
・Duration: 4.5 hours (30 minutes of diving + 30 minutes of jet skiing)
・Return Info: return to the hotel at approximately 12:30pm (the actual time is subject to the traffic conditions on the day)

-What You Can Expect-

Enjoy the company of a Chinese/English/Japanese-speaking instructor and access top-notch equipment to learn the proper way to dive. Explore the beautiful underwater world and e surrounded by exotic marine creatures. Opt for a jet ski package to upscale your diving experience!


Enjoy the beautiful ocean world


Diving experience


Take a water-skiing ride on the outskirts of Guam (only for the diving program diving bike)



Purchasing notice

  • Travelers are required to undergo temperature checks and sanitize their hands before boarding a vehicle. During transportation, travelers must wear a face mask at all times. Eating and drinking in a vehicle are not allowed. In the event of flu-like symptoms (e.g. fever, cough, runny nose), the supplier reserves the right to decline participation without refunds, please consider before booking
  • Please provide your height and weight when booking
  • Photos and videos need to be purchased separately. Passengers can book and purchase them on the day of the tour (the amount is subject to the change):  photo: US$20/dynamic photography disc: US$30 US/jet ski photo disc: US$20
  • Children under the age of 10 and travelers over the age of 55 are not allowed participation
  • Please evaluate your health conditions before booking. If you have the following conditions or feel overstimulated easily, please do not book this tour: 
    hypertension, heart diseases, asthma, epilepsy, pregnancy. If you have the aforementioned conditions and still insist on booking, the supplier reserves the right to decline participation without refunds 


  • Diving insurance
  • Hotel transport service
  • Diving equipment and wetsuit
  • Chinese/English/Japanese-speaking instructor
  • Diving insturcition
  • Jet Ski Experience (ordering program "Dive Experience Jet Ski" only)
  • Other expenses


  • Please bring your own swimsuits and towels.

  • The restroom is currently under maintenance and there is no changing room on-site. Travelers may use the outdoor shower and it is recommended that travelers change their clothes in advance

  • In the event of force majeure (adverse weather/sea conditions) or physical discomforts resulting in diving cancellation, requests for free rescheduling or full refunds will be granted, proof of applicable documents is required (e.g. certificate of diagnosis)

How to Redeem Your Voucher

How to Use Your Voucher

  • Present e-voucher on-site


Cancellation Policy

No refunds or exchanges for this booking