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  • 1. This is Lotte World Theme Park located in Jamsil, Seoul
  • 2. There are Lotte Department Store and Lotte Tower nearby, so you can enjoy them at once
  • 3. Take pretty pictures near Seokchon Late
  • 4. You can enjoy Lotte Aquarium, which dreams of a happy world where humans and nature live in harmony
  • 5. We invite you to Lotte World, a dreamland where you can play, eat, and shop



Visit the Lotte World, which consists of indoor and outdoor places, and the Aquarium where you can see a variety of sea friends!

Lotte World which is located at Jamsil station, Seoul line number 2, is a representative amusement park in Korea that is popular with foreigners and Koreans both. There are also amusement park rides indoors too, therefore you can enjoy regardless of the weather. Strongly recommend the outdoor theme park Magic Island, which gathered attractions and Gyro Drop! Enjoy the attraction and visit the sea creature's playground Aquarium where children's favorite place! Through various friends that can be seen at 13 themes, both family, friends, and couples can spend a good time. At the Lotte World Aquarium, you can touch sea creatures such as starfish, conch, and also enjoy feeding a fish.



 Next to the Seokchon Lake, Magic Island is equipped with thrilling attractions and Gyro Drop that fall from a high spot.


Recommend you to ride thrilling attractions such as The Conquistador, The Adventures of Sinbad, Atlantis, French Revolution2 VR, Pharaoh's Fury, Tomb of Horror, etc.


• Never miss a famous photo spot in front of a fancy merry-go-round! The staff will take a picture of you kindly!


Parades of different themes are held each season.


• Don't miss the beauty of Magic Island, which you can only see at night!


• Korea’s largest, 25m wide inhabitation water tank with the same inhabited environment is provided to marine friends as their new home!


• You can meet up with marine friends at 13 theme zone in 5 oceans of the world.


• Visit Lotte World and Aquarium at an affordable price combo tickets!


Option details

Lotte World Day Pass (Adventure, Magic Island, and other attractions)
Folk Museum
Lotte World Aquarium

[Not Included]
Lotte World Ice Rink
Fantasy Forest, Game Facility, Gift Shop

[Price Information]
Same price for adult and child
Free admission: Under 35 mos (Must bring Passport)

Must show Redeem Code on voucher at the "South Gate Group Ticket Booth"



Operating Hours

1. Lotte World

• Everyday 10am ~ 9pm

※ Last Admission: 30 minutes before the closing time.

※ Ticket Booth : 10AM~6PM


2. Lotte World Aquarium

• Weekday: 10am ~8pm / On Weekends and Holiday : 10am ~10pm

※ Last Admission: 60 minutes before the closing time.

※ Ticket Booth : 10AM~6PM

How to use

1. Purchase the desired product and Check the Lotte World mobile voucher or email voucher.

2. Present the voucher included the Lotte World PIN Number at the Lotte Annual PASS Center (Paper, Mobile both ok)

3. Entrance to the Lotte World and enjoy the whole thing! 

※ You must present the voucher at the Lotte World Annual PASS Center.

※ You must present the voucher included the Lotte World PIN Number at the Lotte World Group Ticketing Center.

How to go

• Get off at Exit 4 of Jamsil Station (Subway line 2, 8) → Please refer to the Official Website for directions.

 Location of Lotte World Annual PASS Center:  Turn right towards the Annual Pass Center in front of the main gate


1. We do not hold responsibility for everything that happens when you visit without checking Lotte World Pin Code on the voucher. Please make sure to present the voucher at the “South Gate Group Ticket Booth!”

2. Must present physical tickets when you enter Lotte World or Lotte Aquarium.

3. Operation hours of Lotte World may vary by season.

4. The ticket for Lotte World + Aquarium are only allowed to use on the same day

5. Korean passport holders are not allowed to use it.


Q. What are the convenient facilities in Lotte World Aquarium?

A: • Free wheelchairs rental at B1 floor Main Gate 

• Restrooms for disabilities at the "Tropical Rivers" zone on B1 floor

• Children Lounge next to "Sea Table" on B1 floor (Diaper Switchboard / Water Purifier / Microwave / Nursing Couch / Diapers are not provided.)

Q. What are the convenient facilities in Lotte World?

A: • Stroller / Wheelchair rentals Free wheelchairs: Adventure 1F, beside the Giant Loop entrance on the 1st floor of Adventure

• Smoking Area: Magic Island, behind the Bumper Car

• Baby Care Center: Adventure 1F, behind the Meeting Plaza located on the 1st floor of Adventure and 2 other places  (Diaper Switchboard / Water Purifier / Microwave / Nursing Couch / Diapers are not provided.)

※ CLICK HERE to check facilities in detail

Q. Can I check the children’s attraction facilities?

A. • Adventure: Boong Boong Car, Brother Moon and Sister Suns, The Bumping Jesters, Lotty’s Train, Swing Pang Pang, Eureka, Lotte’s Kidstoria, Dragon Train, Dream Boots

• Magic Island: Kid’s SightseeingCar, Petit Pang Pang

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240, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
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