Korea Gyeongsangbuk-do Gumi Picking Strawberry + Making Strawberry Dessert Experience

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  • 1. Picking the strawberries directly yourself and make your very own pudding and waffle.
  • 2. You can make mini pizza or waffles with strawberry & Icecream & whipped cream.
  • 3. Have a nourishing meal with vegetables and bulgogi at the eco-friendly farm.
  • 4. You can meet a donkey that helps farmers or agriculture.



Make your very own dessert and picking the organic strawberry grown in Gumi strawberry farm! 

Special experience in picking organic vegetables very season such as strawberry, tomato, shiitake mushrooms! Invite you to the strawberry world where you can pick it directly, and make a waffle with strawberry! Additionally, you can have a fancy lunch with various vegetables! Highly recommended to parents those who want to give an unforgettable cherished moment to their children and couples those who like to hang out in out of ordinary place.   


• A gratification experience to harvest and eat sweet strawberries grown 100% organic without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides.


• Special chance to experience the rural agriculture experience escaped from the busy city life!


• Prepare to make the sweet dessert waffle with strawberry and ice cream.


• Those who do not want to make the waffle then can make the shiitake mushroom mini pizza instead. 



Option and Inclusions

1. Picking Strawberry + Making Dessert Experience

Picking Strawberry experience
2 packs of Strawberry
Making 3 Strawberry puddings
Making mini mushroom pizza or waffle (Select 1 )

[Not Included]

2. Picking Strawberry + Making Dessert + Lunch

Picking Strawberry experience
2 packs of Strawberry
Making 3 Strawberry puddings
Mini Mushroom pizza or 1 Waffle
Picking the fresh organic food experience
Lunch(Vegetables + Korean Pork Bulgogi included)



Operation Days

Tuesday ~ Sunday 11:00, 14:00



Min / Max number of people to proceed

2 people / 80 people



Experience Process

Duration: About 90 ~ 150 minutes

• Picking Strawberry experience(25minutes) → Making Pudding experience(25minutes) → Making Mushroom pizza or Strawberry waffle experience (40minutes) → Picking the fresh organic vegetables + Lunch(60minutes) 

How to use

1. Make the reservation on the date and time of your choice.

2.Check the voucher sent to the email/mobile phone.

※ A voucher will be sent right after your booking is confirmed.

3. Make sure to arrive at least 10 mins prior to the reserved time.

4. Present the voucher to the staff to begin the experience.

How to go

• From [Gumi Bus Terminal] get on the taxi and head to 'Naengsan Farm' [냉산쉼터]  (Takes approximately 30 mins (about 20,000 won [KRW]))


• [Naengsan Farm] Parking lot available for free. 


1. This experience is available for all ages to participate.

2. If the reservation is unavailable due to the company's situation or weather condition, you will be contacted by the CS Team via email.

3. This experience is available to purchase over 2 people.

4. Please note that the meal will be provided once you purchase the option included the lunch.

Refund Policy

• Cancellation 3 days before booking date (5 PM KST): 100% Refund

• Cancellation after: No Refund 


※ To change the reservation please make sure to inquire at least 3 days beforehand (4 PM KST) 

Guide Language



231, Songgok 4-gil, Haepyeong-myeon, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
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